The Rebel

Osho(English) A handbook for the man of the future, The Rebel is a comprehensive guide to Osho as a planetary visionary. In his responses to seekers'questions he dissects virtually every institution and traditional belief of society, and proposes a truly radical approach to overthrowing the past in order to make way for the future. A fiery exploration of the essential characteristics found in the authentic seeker-the rebel.

Om mani padme hum

Osho(English) This series of talks based on Osho's responses to seekers, revolves around the theme of division - man's separation from his environment, his fellow-man and from himself. Having pinpointed the problem, Osho offers his solution - the whole man, an individual in whom East and West, the material and the spiritual, the male and the female, meet and harmonize.

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Beyond Enlightenment

Osho(English) What makes Osho different from Gautam Buddha and other enlightened masters and mystics throughout history? The answer is here, in his own provocative words: "To go beyond enlightenment is to go beyond individuality and become universal." Osho responds to questions on topics ranging from the intimate to the universal, from religion to philosophy, from present-day politics to his own childhood experiences, from enlightenment to what lies beyond.

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The Rebellious Spirit

Osho(English) Central to Osho's vision of the new man is what he calls "the rebellious spirit." These discourses offer a glimpse into what he means by this way of life, and how he is working with his disciples to bring it about. This book is the very expression of the rebellious spirit vibrant, urgent and courageous. "His incredible taped discourse lectures and books have inspired me (and millions of others) on the path of self-evolution...

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Osho(Hindi) From 21 July 1977 To 10 August 1977, Hindi Discourse Series, 21 Chapters

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Zorba the buddha

Osho(English) My message is simple. My message is a new man, homo novus. The old concept of man was of either/or; materialist or spiritualist, moral or immoral, sinner or saint. It was based on division, split. It created a schizophrenic humanity. The whole past of humanity has been sick, unhealthy, insane. In three thousand years, five thousand wars have been fought. This is just utterly mad; it is unbelievable. It is stupid, unintelligent, inhuman.

Orange book

Osho(English) This Orange Book is a collection of meditation techniques that Osho has give n over the years, together with extracts and quotations from the books of his morning discourses and evening darshans.

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Osho(Hindi) From 21 May 1979 To 31 May 1979 , Hindi Discourse Series, 11 Chapters

अरी, में तो नाम के रंग छकी

Osho(Hindi) From 11 September 1978 To 20 September 1978, Hindi Discourse Series, 10 Chapters

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The Revolution

Osho(English) "Up to man there has been evolution," Osho says. "From fish to man there has been evolution. But from man to a Buddha, from man to a Christ, from man to a Kabir, it is not evolution, it is revolution-the revolution I call it, the only revolution." Osho rekindles these ten fiery songs of Kabir, verses which shocked 15th-century seekers. In Osho's hands, Kabir's vision is equally if not more mind-shattering.

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Essence of Spiritualism

Osho Siddharth 'Essence of Spiritualism' is a treatise of all human endeavors aimed at searching our divine roots. From Lord Shiva, who appeared as the first master on the earth, to Osho, the greatest mystic of our times, many paths- Vedanta, Sankhya, Yoga, Tantra, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, Sufism, Zen, Hasid, Tao, Baul, Sikhism, etc., have been discovered to reach the peak of human consciousness, but there has been hardly any effort to synthesize these paths scientifically in a sequential manner. The present treatise is therefore a unique effort to present the essence of spiritualism preached and practiced down the ages.

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Osho(Hindi) From 11 May 1975 To 20 May 1975, Hindi Discourse Series

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Osho(Hindi) Hindi Discourse Series

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