What is the main teaching of Oshodhara?
In Short Essence of OSHO's Teaching is - ZORBA THE BUDDHA Where "Zorba" represents Materialism, Science, Art, Health, Wealth, and Relations etc. and "Buddha" symbolizes Spiritualism, Meditation, and Inner World of Consciousness. Oshodhara teaches both through various PRAGYA programs and SAMADHI programs.
What are the different meditation techniques?
There are number of meditation techniques which one can try. Each individual is different, but equally unique. Some are physically stronger, some are emotionally very active and there can be varied personality people. Different meditation techniques are designed for different people. Some will involve physical workout while some will touch your emotions. E.g. – Suprbhat Dhyan, Brahmanaad Dhyan, Kirtan Dhyan etc. To know more contact nearest Oshodhara Dhyan center near you.
What is need of meditation in today's era for all - from kids / teenagers / youth & elders?
IAs education and competition is growing all over the world, now there are more Ambition, Tension, Frustration and Depression. In the same proportion, Mental and Emotional Health is becoming increasingly important. The medicine for INNER WELL BEING is Meditation. It is needed more in Today's era, than ever before.
What is basically Dhyan Samadhi?
Dhyan means Meditation, becoming aware of one self. This is first half of the Spiritual Journey. second half of the Spiritual Journey is Samadhi- becoming aware of the WHOLE. Finally Individual Consciousness gets merged and unified with the Existential Consciousness Just like a water drop becoming one with the ocean.
Does Oshodhara provides any magazine / sms service so we can remain in touch?
Yes, A monthly Hindi journal is published regularly, titled "OSHO TODAY" to subscribe it you can contact: 9671400199 or email: [email protected]

· Astha TV Channel broadcasts OSHODHARA program daily from 6.50 to 7.10 pm.(except Sunday). · Recent 20 Astha Programs can be watched on www.totalbhakti.com

· Yearly SMS service is also available. To avail it, Please contact - 9671400196
Which PRAGYA program will be helpful to whom?
» Sammohan Pragya teaches art of Self-Hypnosis, for generating will power in Sub-Conscious mind, to achieve success in this life. Every person can be benefited from this course.

» Mahajeewan Pragya provides glimpses of past lives, so that we don't repeat same mistakes again, and mould our present life in a better way. You may also realize the truth of your eternal soul, and get rid of all kinds of fears.

» Mudra Chikitsa, Swasthya Pragya, Homeo pragya are programs to learn different disciplines of Health Management. From time to time, everybody falls sick, and this knowledge may help to recover faster and prevent many diseases in future. These programs may prove helpful to your family and friends too.

» Anand Prgya teaches how to live blissfully in this world, so that one can enjoy the work, relations. This program is based on Eight Fold path of Lord Buddha.
What is the best time of the day to meditate?
There is no fixed time for meditation. You can do as per your convenience.
How long should I meditate?
Our various meditation techniques are designed for 45 to 60 mins. But you can do as long as you feel comfortable.
Which meditation is right for me?
All meditation techniques are right, some will work better than other depending on your personality and other factors. The best way to find a meditation that resonates with you, that you feel good with, that you enjoy is to try them and find which suits you more. You can experiment with what suits you from the various techniques available.
How can I join Oshodhara?
You can participate in our programs like Osho Meditation Camp, Dhyan Samadhi or other pragya program (Check programs for more details) or you can reach out to Oshodhara Dhyan Center in your city.
What are the charges for joining Oshodhara?
There are no charges for joining, but you need to pay for stay and food in ashram or other places.
What is the duration of Oshodhara programs?
We have 1 day, 3 day & 6 day programs based on the type of selection (Check programs for more details).
Where can I stay?
All our ashrams have accommodation facilities ranging from dormitory to AC rooms. All 3 & 6 day programs are residential programs, where you have to stay in the ashram itself.
What about food?
Nutritious & healthy food will be available in all Ashrams including breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea.
Can I join Oshodhara if I have already had a Guru?
How can I know more about Oshodhara and its programs?
You can contact Oshodhara dhyan center in your city or contact coordinator. You can also subscribe to our monthly magazine Osho Today or online newsletter for more information.
Is there any program for children?
Yes, we have Bal Pragya program where children can participate.
What does the Oshodhara offer?
We have various programs under the Pragya and Samadhi structure including Health, Reiki, Samadhi, Hypnosis and Past life regression programs.
How can I ask a question to Masters?
You can submit your question under the comment section which will be sent to master. Ask genuine and correct questions.
Who all can participate in Pragya Programs?
Everybody can participate in Pragya programs.
Who all can participate in Samadhi Programs?
Anybody can participate in Dhyan Samadhi i.e. the first Samadhi programs.
Is there a dress code for participating in meditation or other Oshodhara programs?
There is no specific dress code for meditation, although casual & comfortable dress is generally preferred for meditation. For Pragya programs there is no dress code. In Samadhi Programs there is no dress code till Nirati Samadhi after that Orange robes or gown is compulsory.
Do I need any special experience to come here?
Reservation Guideline
  • 1) It is mandatory to stay in the ashram itself. Any program that might be of 3 days, 6 days or 9 days program is residential. You are not allowed to leave the ashram during the program except for special circumstances.
  • 2) If you are new to Oshodhara you can begin with any Pragya program except Acharya Pragya, Reiki Acharya and Utsav Pragya. (For these three programs you need to do some prior programs).
  • 3) All Samadhi programs last for duration of 6 days each. There are 28 levels of Samadhi/sumiran programs. You can do the second level only if you have completed the first level and so on i.e. you can do a particular Samadhi group only if you have completed all the previous levels. Dhyan Samadhi is the first level.
  • 4) If you are interested in any program, you can do it only if you have booked it in advance or only if you have informed us.
  • 5) You need to reach the ashram one day before the start of the program by 8 p.m. if not your booking will be cancelled. If there is any delay in your flight or train you can inform us in advance so we can take necessary steps on our end to prevent your booking from being cancelled.
  • 6) All Samadhi/sumiran groups start from early Monday morning and last till Saturday afternoon.
  • 7) Registration is done on every Sunday till 8 pm for Samadhi groups and on every Sunday and Wednesday for 3 day Pragya groups.
  • 8) One day meditation camp is held on every 2nd Sunday of each month at Oshodhara Nanak Dham, Murthal , Sonipat (Haryana) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For this camp no prior booking or information is required.
  • 9) In the same way you can attend all the celebration programs of around 2 hours duration without any advance booking on information.
  • 10) For program schedule please click here (http://www.oshodhara.com/Schedule.php)
  • 11) Please bring a photo id and a passport size photograph with you.
  • 12) For any Samadhi program, you also need a white dress kurta Pajama, salwar suit or a white rob.
  • 13) There is no special dress code for Pragya programs and first three levels of Samadhi programs.
  • 14) All our ashrams have accommodation facilities ranging from dormitory to AC rooms ( 2, 3 and five bedded rooms)
  • 15) Purely vegetarian and nutritious food is provided including breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea.
  • 16) For detailed info call on 9671400196/93, 0130-2483911/12 from 10 am to 6 pm or write to us at [email protected]